December 26, 1992


Dear colleagues:

All of us at Suntory suffered with you at Princeville when we heard the news and saw the photos and videos of the destruction wrought by Iniki on your homes and our resort. We are truly thankful that so few people were injured.

As you picked yourselves up, cleaned up, and started to rebuild, we were deeply moved and impressed by the way you helped each other and your neighbors at Princeville, Hanalei, Kilauea, and the North Shore area. We were amazed at how quickly and efficiently you managed to clean up Hanalei School and the debris from the fallen trees and homes, along with the golf courses and resort facilities. Your sharing of food, clothing and even housing was a mark of great humanity and generosity.

We understand that, when the Federal disaster teams arrived on Kauai, they too were impressed by the fact that you were already busy assisting one another, for they usually find disaster victims waiting lamely for help from the government. It was truly gratifying to witness and understand the Aloha spirit at its best.

Keiko and I, as well as the entire Suntory family and our fellow shareholders in Princeville simply want to say how proud we are of all of you and how grateful we are that you are in good health and spirits. We wish you and your families good fortune and a speedy recovery in 1993.

With deepest respect and in warm friendship,

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